The world of these pictures is the world of dreams. In their outward transparency, absence and presence are as good as indistiguishable. It is as though only light has been allowed passage, which leads the eye to invisible density. The pictures seem like solid bodies that entirely fill out their bulk and thus must remain separate from one another. The forms are changed, are compressed like stone, two of them cannot occupy the same space. In the pictures one can find the labyrinthal. The biggest bodies stagger out of the free pieces with the abysses of the surfaces. The to and fro in the foreground of the powerful lines dissolves all things into structures in an obvious way. In an experimental manner, the possibility of the abolition of given form structures is sought. It is though exactly this which requires objective remains or at least linear structures, which then give rise to the structural excess. One cannot but see each picture as a massage, a stimulus, as something addressed.

Jochen Lingnau

Auszug aus dem Text zur Ausstellung der Galerie Era BaurĂ³, Andorra La Vella in der Galerie Pestalozzi 23, Berlin 1992
Copyright beim Autor

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