In these pictures a language is born out of the fragmentation of the act of painting. There develop stages which are expressed in forms evermore abstract, in colour, in line and in structure. A process with no end. The abstraction and dynamism of the symbols used augment the exinguishing of the painted marks in favour of the thing painted. Thus an alphabet arises of symbols themselves and not of objects.The boundaries of colour and form dissolve, though the pictures have the power to generate an exact feeling of meanings not to be articulated. In these pictures there is a movement of forms and of colours which leave a visible mark. They are the marks of a language which is at once visible yet unrecognizable, hidden. All the visible things of the world are decomposed in the pictures into forms and colours. The perceptibility of the eye, its forms is the background for the reflection which fulfils itself in the visible.

Jochen Lingnau

Auszug aus dem Text zur Ausstellung in der Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart 1990
Copyright beim Autor

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